Film Scoring Policy

Reviews for films* are the opinion of the writer and a critical analysis of the film. As always, the whole 10 point range will be in use, and a film will receive the score I think it deserves today, rather than necessarily when it was made.

I do give a category concession for direct-to-videos (DTV), and TV shows, which will be compared to other direct-to-video and TV shows (i.e. a DTV being given a 8/10 is not comparable to that of a film receiving the same score).

10 – Masterpiece. The proverbial film to see before you die, as they say. A cinematic masterpiece of the highest calibre, high-on untouchable by age or changes in convention. An entry that will continue to impress long since lesser films have been forgotten or tainted by the rages of time.

9 – Superb. Highly engrossing, thoroughly entertaining and technically impressive throughout. This is the sort of film that keeps you glued until the very end, even through the slowest of parts. Highly recommended to everyone, regardless of tastes.

8 – Great. Plenty of outstanding or novel moments and great acting, cinematography and directing. Not to mention a clever, well written script that they worked with. An extremely pleasant experience throughout. The few minor flaws the film has do little to dampen the whole, but put it just short of the higher categories.

7 – Good. Fun and entertaining. Indeed the film is definitely not a waste of your time. very watchable in itself, though it not going to really stand out from the crowd.

6 – Okay. In no way is this a bad film, indeed it is certainly better than many, but you might not say that it was a great piece of cinema. Or maybe it was great once, but time hasn’t been the kindest to it. If you’re a fan of the genre, director, or actors then dive right in.

5 – Mediocre. You can get to the end of the film easily enough, but nothing is going to really stick in your mind, even with a particular standout moment. There’s just nothing that special about it really, but then again, you can get to the end.

4 – Poor. Something isn’t quite right with this one It’s not bad per sé, and you may find highlights that occur in-between the sum of the whole. At the very least this could be much, much worse, yet it couldn’t really never be said to be a genuinely good film, or even a middle of the road one. Something you could employ as a good time waster, or when you just want something in the background.

3 – Bad. Something was wrong here at the start and it would’ve needed an great deal of effort to set it right, but no-one seemed to be bothered. From from the core this is bad, either through just terrible scriptwriting, the actors phoning in their performances, or the director not realising what is required to make a good movie. To be avoided outside of collectors.

2 – Abysmal. A wretched script, alternating between patronizing the viewer, losing them in banality or in just being a completely incomprehensible mess. Terrible acting, directing, pacing and other things combine to leave the film a completely unwatchable wretch that should probably be avoided by everyone.

1 – Nigh on to Unwatchable – A wretched piece of drivel that will rob you of any enjoyment you could’ve had at any and all times during its running. If you haven’t turned off the film in disgust Not something that you would wish to rake up; this festering piece of theatrical garbage is best left buried.

*For the purposes of brevity, the moniker “film” will be deemed to be interchangeable with TV series, Short Film, Direct-to-video and other such things for this page.

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