Game Scoring Policy

All the reviews on this site are the subjective opinion of the writer, they are are critical analyses of artistic works, not a string of objective facts. Please try not to take offense if I do not like a film, game, etc, that you do; please respect my opinion, as I should, in turn, yours. Also take heed that I use the whole range in the 10/10 point-system, from 1 to 10, rather than sites that appear to stop at 5 or something similar as the lowest.

10 – Masterful. This is either revolutionary in its genre or sets a new benchmark that all future games in its genre will be judged by thereafter. An amazing game in its own right that goes well beyond what others even attempt to do. A rare score, but it doesn’t indicate absolute perfection, because nothing ever truly is.

9 – Superb. One of the best games you could ever ask to play in its genre, great controls, beautiful and totally engrossing; picking out the impossibly minute flaws in this game is effectively nitpicking: highly recommended.

8 – Great. A few minor issues that keep it from being superb that aren’t minor enough to be considered simple nitpicks, but aside from minor problems the game is a lot of fun for the majority and certainly worthy of your consideration.

7 – Good. There’s a good amount of fun to be have here, though there are a few minor relatively annoying problems but nothing resolutely deal-breaking, like a lack of originally or some degree of repetition. Might be worth a rent to make up ones mind fully and probably worth getting if you’re a fan of the genre or the franchise.

6 – Okay. While certainly passable, it is also flawed in key areas. Still there is some merit in the game here and there and you’re find yourself occasionally having fun despite the problems, especially if you’re either a fan of the genre; or dig for the good bits. The question is would you be willing to do said digging when much better games are available? If you are, then see if you can get it cheap.

5 – Mediocre. The game is playable and you might even have a bit of fun with it, but it has just as many problems as merits. Technical – or likewise – issues pull a lot of the fun of the game right down that could have been solved with a bit more development time.

4 – Poor. The game either has lots of minor flaws which all conspire to drain the fun and make it boring or frustrating to play, like suffering from bouts of cheapness or poor controls to stodgy hit detection to just being an inane button masher with little involvement or variety to mix it up. Or it could have that one certain major issue which will continually wrestle with the player.

3 – Terrible. Multiple major and minor issues with the controls and other fairly series problems, like dodgy collision detection that robs you of kills or even landing on solid ground safely; as well as issues like plenty of cheap deaths, incompetent A.I. (esp. on the player’s side), etc, all of which conspire together to make the game feel like a complete chore to play through.

2 – Abysmal. An almost uncountable amount of major problems plague the game: including but not limited to horrid, unresponsive controls: dodgy cameras, broken physics – phasing through objects – or any other elements of the game engine that effect the ability to simply play the game. The testing of the game must have been practically non-existent; you will be fighting the game the whole way through more than its enemies, and you’ll hate every second of it.

1 – Almost Unplayable. Everything in the game is flawed to the point that the game is – or might as well be – completely unplayable, and that’s if the game doesn’t crash on you before you even get to the title screen. The game should never have gotten past the alpha stage of development, let alone released. Thankfully a game this bad is as rare as the other end of the scale.

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