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Bambi delayed…

It’s is with regret that I must say that my review of Bambi will be pushed back to when I can get/find enough time to write it. I want to do the film justice and have not had the time for writing my review for it properly. Apologies. .

Disney Classics No.04: Dumbo

When I See an Elephant Fly… Continue reading

Walt Disney Project Update

Not quite dead, no… Sorry for being away, but time, life and such have been dragging down my time to where I’ve been unable to work on my blog. I still have a long way to go with the Disney movies. I must get more organised. One part of this re-organisation is that from next … Continue reading

Disney Project (update)

Well I said it was born of madness. Due to, well life, I regret to say that my Disney project will be changed from the overly ambitious task of one a day, to each Monday at the very least. I like writing long reviews, whether they be for films, television shows or videogames. The trouble … Continue reading

Disney Classics No.03: Fantasia

The Sorcerer’s Apprentice… Continue reading

Disney Classics No.02: Pinocchio

A Short History These days, a studio would’ve had a good chance of following a film as successful as Snow White up with a hastily assembled sequel* – direct or spiritual – to cash in on the prior film’s popularity. Walt Disney was one who did things differently, though in fairness the studio always had … Continue reading

Disney Classics No.01: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

A Short History   Disney was fond of stating that his company started “with a mouse”,* yet his film series stared with a princess in peril, a theme that the studio would revisit in time, though not nearly as much as others would have you believe. Like all companies in Hollywood back when, Disney created … Continue reading

Game Review: Toy Story 3

It is hard to believe that it has been fifteen years since the first Toy Story was shown in cinemas across the world. Another aspect of fifteen years ago is the fact that license games hadn’t completely become a dirty word, particularly with Disney games of classic films for the Super Nintendo and Sega Mega … Continue reading

The Walt Disney Classics (upcoming project)

A look at the Mouse House’s body of work I have set myself a task born of madness, in the months of November and December, I shall be seeing if is indeed possible for me – a mad animation nut with a blog – to review all of the Disney Classics in a row, one … Continue reading

Retro Game Review: Dynamite Headdy

…is this an explosive adventure, or has it lost its head? Continue reading

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