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Game Review: Kirby’s Epic Yarn

…does Epic Yarn weave a fine tale, or unravel into loose threads? Continue reading

Game Review: Pokémon White

Developer/Publisher – Game Freak/Nintendo Released – 2011 Genre – Role-Playing Game Formats – DS Players – 1 (2-4 wireless/online) Pokémon © Nintendo Coming less than a year after Heart Gold and Soul Silver graced the handheld, The Pokémon bandwagon comes to town – and the DS – once again in the form of Black and … Continue reading

Game Review: Front Mission Evolved

Developer/Publisher – Double Helix/Square Enix Released – 2010 Genre – Third-Person Shooter Formats – 360, PS3(tested) Players – 1 (2-8 online) Front Mission Evolved © Square Enix Review copy courtesy of Square Enix Starting out as a turned-based strategy series way back on the SNES, yet with a few games managing to deploy in the … Continue reading

Game Review: Deadly Premonition

Developer: Access Games Publisher: Ignition(NA), Rising Star(EU) Released: Feb 2010(NA), Oct 2010(EU) Genre: Adventure / Horror Formats: 360 (tested), PS3 (remake) Players: 1 Deadly Premonition © Access Games Review copy courtesy of Rising Star Games Niche European publisher Rising Star Games has certainly released some intriguing titles; with last year alone seeing some great titles: … Continue reading

Game Review: Marvel Vs. Capcom Origins

Developer/Publisher – Iron Galaxy / Capcom Released – September 2012 Genre – Fighting Formats – 360 (tested), PS3 Players – 1-2 Marvel vs. Capcom: Origins ® & © Capcom/Marvel. Review copy and Screenshots were courtesy of Microsoft It seems like re-releases of back catalogue titles have been something every company has been pushing through in … Continue reading

Game Review: Dark Souls

Developer/Publisher – From Software/ Namco Bandai Year – 2011 Genre – Action RPG Formats – 360, PC, PS3 (version tested) Players – 1 Dark Souls ® & © From Software Review copy provided by Namco Bandai The slogan on the back of the retail box is “Prepare To Die”, this should give you some indication … Continue reading

Game Review: Pokémon HeartGold

Over the years, Nintendo has revisited many of its games, starting back with Super Mario All-Stars on the SNES. However, this practice was particularly notable during the life of the Game Boy Advance, which saw slightly tweaked re-releases of numerous games like Super Mario World and The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. … Continue reading

Game Review: Radiant Silvergun

Developer/Publisher – Treasure / Microsoft (XBLA), ESP (Saturn) Year – 2011 (1998 – original) Genre – Shoot ’em Up Formats – 360 (XBLA)(tested), Arcade, Saturn Players – 1-2 Radiant Silvergun ©Treasure Review copy and Screenshots were courtesy of Microsoft Treasure started up as a splinter group from konami, gaining much success right from the bat … Continue reading

Game Review: Deadlight

Developer/Publisher – Tequila Works / Microsoft Year – 2012 Genre – Action/Horror Formats – 360(tested), PC Players – 1 Batman ® & © Microsoft. Review copy and Screenshots were courtesy of Microsoft It seems that getting away from the undead is as hard for games as it is for those poor souls in horror movie … Continue reading

Game Review: Star Fox 64 3D

Developer/Publisher – Nintendo Year – 2011 Genre – Shooter Formats – 3DS Players – 1 Starfox 64 3D © Nintendo Review copy and Screenshots were courtesy of Nintendo The 3DS has seen a few titles, though it may be fair to say that the games so far have been a little lacklustre, with two of the … Continue reading

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