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Disney Classics No.04: Dumbo

When I See an Elephant Fly… Continue reading

Disney Classics No.03: Fantasia

The Sorcerer’s Apprentice… Continue reading

Disney Classics No.02: Pinocchio

A Short History These days, a studio would’ve had a good chance of following a film as successful as Snow White up with a hastily assembled sequel* – direct or spiritual – to cash in on the prior film’s popularity. Walt Disney was one who did things differently, though in fairness the studio always had … Continue reading

Disney Classics No.01: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

A Short History   Disney was fond of stating that his company started “with a mouse”,* yet his film series stared with a princess in peril, a theme that the studio would revisit in time, though not nearly as much as others would have you believe. Like all companies in Hollywood back when, Disney created … Continue reading

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